1. Takahashi Youth Ambassador Fellowship and Shinzen Goodwill Program Interest Survey

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Shinzen Team at Keimei Gakuin (Kobe)

<span style="font-size: 10pt;">Shinzen Team&nbsp;at Keimei Gakuin (Kobe)</span>
The Center has been providing youth cultural exchange opportunities between the United States (U.S.) and Japan since 1997, through the Shinzen Nikkei Youth Goodwill Program (Shinzen Program) and the Takahashi Youth Ambassador Fellowship Program (Takahashi Program). 

This year, we hope to resume these programs with travel to Japan in the Spring and Summer of 2023, if there is interest.

Please take this survey and share it with others, so the Center can gauge interest and plan for cultural exchange programs with Japan for 2022-23. We would appreciate BOTH parents and youth completing the survey.  We will need a good response to move forward with the program.  
Thank you for your participation!

Shinzen in Japanese means international goodwill or amity. The Shinzen Nikkei Youth Goodwill Program (Shinzen Program) is a  cross-cultural exchange program that promotes the values of fair play and competition while fostering ties between the U.S. and Japan, and our Japanese and Japanese American communities. Through sports, youth exchanges, touring and homestays, our young ambassadors build stronger relationships with the people of Japan, while learning about their cultural heritage, traditions and identity. Although the program is created for the youth, the parents are expected to play a key role in the success of the program through family participation, fundraising and travel to Japan. To learn more about the Shinzen Program on the Center website click here.

The Takahashi Youth Ambassador Fellowship Program (Takahashi Program) was created as a dynamic youth exchange program between the U.S. and Japan. The significance of a first-hand cultural experience is invaluable in helping a young person in the Japanese American community define their identity and establish a greater connection to their sometimes seemingly distant heritage, and encourage continued interest in Japan, its people, culture and history.

The TYAFP helps to initiate meaningful dialogue and goodwill exchange, as well as provide Bay Area high school students in our community the opportunity to develop and gain leadership and civic skills to help them build a strong foundation for their future