Thank you in advance for completing this short survey. It should only take you about 5-9 minutes. Your answers will be analyzed and reported in aggregate. Overall results will be shared in the Canadian Expat newsletter after they have been analyzed.

The first set of questions addresses how well adjusted you feel at this point in your expat assignment. Please be as candid as possible, using the following scale:

1 = Not adjusted at all
2 = Slightly adjusted
3 = Somewhat adjusted
4 = Fairly Adjusted
5 = Well Adjusted
6 = Highly Adjusted
7 = Completely Adjusted

Question Title

* 1. How well adjusted do you feel at this point in your expat assignment?

Not adjusted at all
2 3 4 5 6 7
Completely adjusted
Specific job responsibilities
Performance standards/expectations
Supervisory responsibilities
Interacting with host nationals in general
Interacting with host nationals outside of work
Speaking with host nationals
Living conditions in general
Housing conditions
Cost of living
Entertainment/recreation opportunities
Healthcare facilities