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In October 2008, Governor David Paterson held a Summit on School Engagement and Dropout Prevention to increase public awareness of student engagement, dropout prevention, and college-readiness, secure commitment for integrated collaboration between corporate, nonprofit, public and education sectors, and provide a forum to discuss and recommend policy changes. As one of 14 work groups formed with membership from statewide organizations, the Credit Recovery work group was developed to collect information regarding the current state of credit recovery initiatives in NYS, as part of a broad examination of school engagement and dropout prevention. To accomplish the goals, we have developed a survey asking for information and your thoughts on the credit recovery program and how your district or BOCES has utilized it to help your at-risk students.

You are invited to participate in our survey. To participate in this study, you will be asked to complete an internet survey which can be accessed through the link provided. The following information regarding risks and benefits is required by the Cornell University Institutional Review Board for Human Participants clearance process:

It is important to note that when using email or other internet communication systems, there is a chance your answers could be read by a third party. The system allows respondents to leave the survey and resume it later, but only if the computer enables cookies for the site. Please remember that you are under no obligation to complete and/or return the survey. It will generally take less than 20 minutes to complete. Though we know how busy you are, we strongly believe that your input is very important, and we appreciate your time and efforts in completing the survey.

We do not anticipate any risks to you participating in this study other than those encountered in day-to-day life. There are no direct benefits to you; however, we strongly believe your information will be of great value to helping us gain a better understanding of credit recovery in NYS. This study involves no compensation for your participation.

The records of this study will be kept private. In any sort of report we make public we will not include any information that will make it possible to identify you . Research records will be kept in a locked file; only the researchers will have access to the records.

Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. You may skip any questions that you do not want to answer. If you decide to take part, you are free to withdraw at any time.

If you have questions about any part of the study, you may contact Nancy Hinkley, a member of the Credit Recovery Workgroup, at nah36@cornell.edu. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as a subject in this study, you may contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at 607-255-5138 or access their website at http://www.irb.cornell.edu. You may also report your concerns or complaints anonymously through Ethicspoint or by calling toll free at 1-866-293-3077. Ethicspoint is an independent organization that serves as a liaison between the University and the person bringing the complaint so that anonymity can be ensured.

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