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* 1. Do you find it necessary to add a feature which provides the users a daily email reporting changes between the current recommended baseline and the previous recommended one?

* 2. Do you have "pure" UNIX or Linux ClearCase environments which do not work in interoperability with Windows?

* 3. If you answered "Yes" to previous question: Do you find it necessary to enable comparing of baselines on "pure" UNIX and Linux environments?

* 4. Currently, the report contains an option to specify filenames which inside the activity change-set. Do you find it necessary to add an option of a report specifying what files were added or removed in a change-set?

* 5. Would you use an option of a designed report as your output, instead of a "regular" text output? (e.g. truncating "@@" and PVOB name, adding headers, empty lines and so forth)

* 6. Do you use ClearCase composite baselines?

* 7. Do You use ClearQuest? If so - is it connected to ClearCase?

* 8. Do you have any request for enhancement? Any comments or suggestions for the new CompBL release? This is the place to write it

* 9. What is your position?

* 10. If you answered "Other" in the previous question, please specify your position