1. Retreat Survey

An idea whose time has come - a controlled-carb retreat, designed to provide a week of learning and living a controlled-carb lifestyle while enjoying a luxury vacation! Please help us understand the types of things you'd want on such a vacation retreat!

* 1. What types of amenities would you expect during your stay?

* 2. What types of activities and entertainment would you expect during the week?

* 3. Where would you want to go for a controlled-carb retreat vacation? (Check all that apply)

* 4. For an all-inclusive vacation retreat (excluding transportation to and from location), how much would you expect to pay for the retreat?

* 5. Should two people sharing a room pay less per person than individuals?"

* 6. How Important is time to ask questions to experts in the area of controlled-carb?

* 7. How important is having a choice between two options at meals?

* 8. How important are tickets to area attractions and entertainment shows?

* 9. How important is it to participate in cooking?

* 10. How many attending should such a retreat be limited to?