* 1. Your Name

* 2. Name of office used

* 3. Name of Department Used

* 4. How did you choose Neves Solicitors LLP to deal with your legal matter?

* 5. Name of person dealing with your matter

* 6. Were your calls answered promptly?

* 7. Were your calls returned promptly?

* 8. Were you kept waiting for your appointment?

* 9. Were all relevant procedures and documentation involved in your matter fully explained to you?

* 10. Were you kept updated on matters?

* 11. When your solicitor was not available, did his/her assistant help you?

* 12. Were costs fully explained to you?

* 13. Was our service good value for money?

* 14. Would you use Neves Solicitors LLP again?

* 15. Would you recommend Neves Solicitors LLP to others?

* 16. If yes, why would you recommend Neves Solicitors LLP?

* 17. Are there any areas about which you would like further information?

* 18. Please detail any further comments

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