Welcome to the Penn State Cru application process. We're so thrilled that you are applying to be a leader! We consistently see God using positions of leadership to grow students in incredible ways, and we're excited to watch you develop as a leader, even as you bless your peers and the movement as a whole!

As you proceed through this application, you'll notice that at times it takes on a serious or specific tone. This is because God cares deeply about the hearts and lives of those who lead in his name. The Bible explains in 1 Timothy 3 that its an honor to be a spiritual leader, and that those who take such roles upon themselves are held to a higher standard.

This application is for those who are applying to be Messengers (Bible Study Leaders, Disciplers), Managers (Ministry Team Leaders), and/or other leadership roles within Penn State Cru. Please take the time to answer all questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Additionally, please make sure to submit this application by the Application Due Date, as its timely completion is a prerequisite for you to be considered for the role(s) for which you are applying. Thank you for acting on your heart for leadership, and keep walking by faith!


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What year and semester do you expect to graduate?

Current Penn State/State College address:

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What church do you regularly attend while at Penn State?

Using as much detail as possible, please share with us the story of how you came to know Jesus. (Please include the how, when, and why.)

Please describe your relationship with God right now, using as much detail as you are able. (How satisfied are you in that relationship?)

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