The Master Plant Science Team is designed to provide compensation for a cohort of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who make a substantial contribution as an online scientist mentor. To support your extra efforts, there are extra benefits and support systems. For more information about what mentoring with PlantingScience is like go to our new mentor page.

The Botanical Society of America, the American Society of Plant Biologists, the Canadian Botanical Association and the Ecological Society of America support Master Plant Science team members with a free year of membership and a discounted annual meeting registration.

To be eligible you must be a graduate student or post-doc and have reliable internet access during sessions (Sept - Nov AND Feb - Apr).
You do not need to currently be a member of the sponsoring organization to apply, and you do not need to have previously mentored with PlantingScience.

* 1. Sponsoring Organization. Please select the Society you wish to sponsor your membership and review your application to the Master Plant Science Team.

* 2. Applicant Name

* 3. Graduate Student or Postdoc?

* 4. Confirm fall AND spring participation. To receive society sponsorship, you are agreeing to serve in BOTH fall (Sept - Nov) AND spring (Feb - Apr) sessions of PlantingScience. Please check the box below to indicate you understand and are willing to participate in 2 sessions.

* 5. Have you participated as a PlantingScience mentor or MPST member before? If you've served on the MPST before, you are welcome to reapply by filling out this application. Each year we go through a selection process, so you will need to reapply if you are interested in continuing for more than one year.
If you are new to PlantingScience, we welcome you! You do not need to have mentored before to apply for the MPST.

* 6. Institution

* 7. Time Zone

* 8. Email Address

* 9. Phone Number (in case we cannot reach you via email)

* 10. Please provide a 1-2 sentence description of your research interests that a middle or high school student would understand.

* 11. In one-two paragraphs describe your interest or reason for wanting to participate in the mentor team.

* 12. List your previous mentorship and outreach experiences.

* 13. Writing Sample.
Imagine you are a mentor and your student team has posted the following research question and prediction below. Your job is to provide a 3-5 sentence response.

Our Research Question: What will the effects of Gatorade and Energy Drink have on maize?

Our Predictions: We predict that Gatorade will have little or no effect, while the energy drink will have a negative effect on the maize. This is due to the high water content in Gatorade, as opposed to different ingredients found in the energy drink.