The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council will present the 2017 CultureMAX Awards this November. Just as in the first three years of this event, the awards will include recognition for artists, heritage workers, cultural organizations, volunteers, and businesses who have elevated the stature of arts and/or heritage within the field and/or the 25-town region of northwest Connecticut.

Please fill out the form below to nominate in the following categories.  You can nominate a candidate in every category, if you like (one per category) but you will have to open the survey link each time for each nominee:

Artist (includes visual, performing, film, literary artists)
Arts Educators (all disciplines)
Heritage professionals/writers
Cultural Organizations/Businesses
Volunteers involved in culture endeavors
Non-cultural Businesses that support culture

NOTE: Please understand that when you nominate an individual associated with an institution, that you are nominating that individual and NOT that institution. If you wish to also nominate that institution, you may do so under another category.

To complete the nomination, please ask AT LEAST ONE, but no more than 3 people (no relatives of the nominee, however) to complete the STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FORM for the nominee.  This is REQUIRED. You may also provide other support materials (optional) such as news clippings, short videos (no more than 5 minutes via Vimeo, YouTube or other webite link), or other materials that support the nominee's candidacy. The STATEMENT OF SUPPORT from people other than yourself and any other additional support materials must be received by the October 2, 2017 deadline. The link to the online Statement of Support can be found at  Additional support materials can be sent to with the e-mail subject line: CultureMAX Nominee Materials for [nominee's name]. Although email is preferred, you may also mail materials to be received by October 2nd to: NW CT Arts Council, 40 Main Street, Suite 1, Torrington, CT 06790


Any artist, arts educator, heritage worker, cultural organization, small business, large business or volunteer that currently resides (for individuals) or is located (for non-individuals) in one of the 25-towns served by the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council may be nominated. The Arts Council serves Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Burlington, Colebrook, Cornwall, Falls Village/Canaan, Goshen, Hartland, Harwinton, Kent, Litchfield, Morris, New Hartford, New Milford, Norfolk, North Canaan, Plymouth, Roxbury, Salisbury/Lakeville, Sharon, Thomaston, Torrington, Warren, Washington, and Winchester/Winsted.

For additional criteria for each category see below.

Artists and Arts Educators (all disciplines):
must consider their work as an artist as their profession (earns more than 50% of income from working as an artist or instructor in the arts). Artists and teachers in all disciplines (visual arts, performing arts, film, literature) may be nominated. If you have a question contact the Arts Council office at (860) 618-0075.

The recognition award may be given to an artist who has contributed in a meaningful way to their field, to the cultural fabric of our region, and/or to the community as a whole through their work as an artist.

Heritage Professionals/Writers:
must consider their work in the heritage or preservation field as their profession (earns more than 50% of their income from working in the heritage field or has published and lectured in a significant way). The award will be given to a heritage professional who has contributed in a significant way to their field, to the cultural fabric of our region, and/or to the community as a whole through their work.

must have at least a part-time residence in one of the 25 towns in northwest CT served by NCAC (Northwest CT Arts Council). Volunteers will have donated their time and talents to cultural organizations or artists within NCAC's service area. The award will be given to an exemplary volunteer that goes above and beyond donating time and talents to an artist or cultural organization.

Cultural Organization/Business:
may be non-profit, municipally based, or commercial entities, and have an arts and/or heritage driven focus. The award will be given to a Cultural Organization/Business that has contributed in a significant way to their field, to the cultural fabric of our region, and/or to the community as a whole through their work.

Businesses (non-cultural):
must be located in one of the 25 towns served by the Arts Council. Business Nominees must have made a significant philanthropic contribution (cash or in-kind, or other) to the arts, to heritage, to an artist, or cultural organization.
ADDITIONAL SUPPORT MATERIALS (for each of your nominees)

REQUIRED Statement of Support:
You must have AT LEAST ONE person, but not more than 3, submit a STATEMENT OF SUPPORT for the candidate regarding the award in the relevant category. The online STATEMENT OF SUPPORT form can be found at  Statements of Support must be from person(s) other than the nominator, and cannot be from relatives of the candidate. Statements of Support must be submitted no later than October 2, 2017.

SUGGESTED Additional Support Materials:
These may include copies of news clippings, short videos (5 mins or less), or other materials supporting the nominee's candidacy. These additional materials should be submitted together via email to no later than October 2, 2017.

You may also mail additional support materials, to be RECEIVED no later than October 2, 2017 to: NW CT Arts Council, 40 Main Street, Suite 1, Torrington, CT 06790.

* 1. As a nominator, what is your first and last name?

* 2. In case of questions regarding your nomination, please provide your E-mail and/or phone number below:

* 3. Please provide the necessary nominee information below:

* 4. What is your relationship to this Nominee? (Family members may not nominate candidates.)

* 5. For which category are you nominating the above candidate?

* 6. Please provide a Bio or brief background description of Nominee (500 words or less)

* 7. Describe why you feel this person or organization/business should receive this award. Be sure to describe in detail how the nominee (individual or organization/business) has helped to raise the stature of the arts and culture in our region and how their work has effected the community. If appropriate describe how that person or organization/business is connected and part of the community. (500 words or less)