Seven Questions

1. Do you teach law at a law school in a civil law country?

2. Do you give examinations to law students on a regular basis? For example, do you test them at the end of each term?

3. What types of questions do you ask the students? Could you provide an example or two?

4. Regarding the types of examination questions you ask your students: Are these standard or traditional types of examination questions in your country?

5. Do all law faculty in your country, or at your individual law school, formulate examination questions in the same style or format? For example, nearly all U.S. law professors test their students by providing "fact patterns" to which the students must apply a legal analysis. The "fact pattern" is the "story" of what happened to an individual, or what occurred during an arrest, or what type of business transaction an individual or legal entity seeks to engage in.

6. I am a U.S. law professor and am currently seeking collaborators from civil law jurisdictions to study and contrast the testing traditions in U.S. law schools with those in civil law countries. Would you be interested in working on this study with me and other civil law professors?

7. If you are interested, or if you have colleagues who may be interested in this study, please e-mail me Please reference "Collaborative Examination Study" or similar. Thank you very much.