Summit Workshop Request for Proposals

The Ohio Department of Education's, 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) are hosting the Statewide Summit for Enrichment & Education, Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Pot of Golden Opportunities for Ohio's Students on September 19-20, 2017. The Summit is designed to provide a forum for strengthening professional knowledge, sharing best practices, linking after school activities to school day instruction, preparing students for 21st century skills, and developing a peer based network. The Statewide Summit for Enrichment & Education is seeking workshop proposals from a variety of systems, individuals and programs that correspond with the workshop tracks. All workshops will be presented on September 19-20, 2017.
The Summit workshop tracks include:
Positive Youth Engagement
Description: This track is designed to help programs engage youth in their own learning which requires a balance of challenging, relevant learning opportunities that offer multiple avenues for student choice and responsibility through cooperative, project-based and active learning.
Topics of Interest: Opportunities for cooperative learning between students and empowering students to serve as positive role models, mentors, coaches and conflict mediators; service-learning; project based learning; youth planning and implementing new activities or clubs promoting healthy eating and physical activity; social and emotional skill-building; building knowledge, skills and awareness in a digital world; gender-based programming; etc.

Family and Community Engagement
This track is designed to provide program administrators with strategies and best practices for effectively engaging families and communities in order to build shared accountability and streamline services and resources required for student success.
Topics of Interest:
Meeting the needs of vulnerable youth; trauma informed care; addressing chronic absence; removing nonacademic barriers; building community partnerships; engaging families; etc.

Description: This track is designed to help programs improve the quality of programming and take it to the next level.
Topics of Interest: Compliance and Program Assessment (CAPA) documentation; APR/AIR (evaluation, youth outcomes); resources (assessment tools); communicating success (strengthening linkages with in-school and afterschool staff); building effective relationships with school and district leadership.

Description: This track is designed to emphasize the importance of sound educational content at the core of every quality afterschool program – with the goal of aligning with the regular school day.These workshops should focus on program content, design and/or implementation.
Topics of Interest: Mathematics and literacy; credit recovery; dropout prevention, STEM/STEAM; college/career readiness and success; summer learning loss prevention, internship programming.
  • Complete this online form.
  • Workshops should be 75 minutes in length, including time for Q&A.
  • Include a description of the workshop as it will appear in the conference program. Be sure to identify what you can do with what you will learn in the workshop.
  • Preference will be given to workshops that provide ideas and tools for conference participants to utilize immediately in their program.

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* 9. Please use this box to communicate to the Summit planning team any special requests or needs for your workshop. Also, please use this box to indicate any special accommodations required.