Survey Introduction

The Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care, led by the Texas Homeless Network (THN), is in the process of developing its coordinated access system and we need all stakeholders (homeless service providers, homeless consumers/clients, community funders, etc.) to weigh-in on the top guiding principles that will direct the CoC during this process.

Please complete the form below by Tuesday, August 6 so we can ensure your voice is heard. The one-question survey should only take a few minutes.

If you have questions about coordinated assessment or this survey, please contact Eric Samuels.

Brief Background on Coordinated Assessment

Coordinated assessment, also known as coordinated entry or coordinated intake, is a new requirement for all Continuums of Care (CoCs) as established by the HEARTH Act. It paves the way for more efficient homeless assistance systems by:

1) Helping people move through the system faster (by reducing the amount of time people spend moving from program to program before finding the right match);
2) Reducing new entries into homelessness (by consistently offering prevention and diversion resources upfront, reducing the number of people entering the system unnecessarily); and
3) Improving data collection and quality and providing accurate information on what kind of assistance consumers need.

If you are interested in learning more about coordinated access, please review HUD's guidance.