Thank you for taking the time to complete the Coordinated Entry survey for the Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care (TX BoS CoC)!

Coordinated Entry (CE) is the system used to prioritize and refer people to housing and services if they are experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence. You might be most familiar with this process from the series of questions you answered with a case manager in your search for housing. This questionnaire is known as the VI-SPDAT, and it includes questions on your housing history, health and wellness, daily functioning, and situations that may put you at risk.

Your participation in this survey is crucial to helping improve housing and services for people experiencing homelessness in Texas. Your feedback on this survey will be used as part of an annual evaluation of the CE system. We encourage you to share openly, but please feel free to skip any questions that you do not wish to answer. This survey will be open from September 6, 2022 through October 9, 2022. 

Thank you for sharing your experience!

*Should you need to access this survey in Spanish, please click here: If you need assistance, or require this survey in an alternate format, please contact: Kyra Henderson at or Michele Plaugic at

Current Living Situation

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* 1. Where are you currently located? If you are frequently moving around, or from place to place, please note the city and county you spend the majority of your time in.

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* 2. Are you currently unhoused or experiencing homelessness?