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* 1. Who did you donate the books to?

* 2. What was the response to the donated books?

* 3. What could JAPA have done better to assist you through the process?

* 4. If applicable:
What themes were most popular amongst readers?

* 5. If applicable:
If the books were used in a classroom setting, how were they implemented?

* 6. Will your branch be purchasing the 2010 books this year? If not, why?

* 7. What is your response to the 2010 Children’s Books chosen?
(Please visit our website for the list of books)

* 8. Do you have any suggestions on how JAPA can better serve the community or your branch through the Children’s Books Awards?

* 9. Do you have an resource materials such as-- bookmarks, bookplates, press releases, and/or photos-- that you would like to share with us and other branches?