Please provide your research idea or question here.  We're hoping to use this form to match VTrans staff and potential researchers.  Researchers could be VTrans research staff, professors/staff working with or without student assistance at a university, or consultants.  Ideas will be solicited throughout the year and we will look closely at least twice--in July as we assemble the federal work plan for the research program (probably considering smaller projects) and in October-November as we consider potentially larger projects.  It may take several months for us to respond to you about your idea.  This is the EXPANDED form.  VTrans Research Staff can work with you on these responses (please contact Research Manager, Emily Parkany,  This is a mini-proposal--please think in terms of up to 1 1/2 pages of text.  If the idea is intriguing, potential researchers will be asked for a formal proposal.  The SIMPLE form can be found here.

* 1. What is the research question?/Potential Research Project Title:

* 2. VTrans staff technical champions  (Ideally, provide two or more non-research staff at VTrans who are interested in this effort.)

* 3. Names and emails of potential researchers who will do this work:

* 4. Expected value to VTrans (can include expected value beyond VTrans also).  What is the potential for application/implementation after the research is complete?

* 5. Rough estimate of project duration and budget.  When is this needed?  For example, is it dependent on construction season or winter observations?

* 6. Project description including project objectives and goals:

* 7. Potential tasks/methodology:

* 8. Is the project related to or a continuation of other VTrans research projects?  How is this project unique (compared to previous VTrans research and the literature)?

* 9. Name, title and email of idea submitter.  Date of submission.