The goal of this survey is to develop a better understanding of how libraries supported games and gaming activities in 2008. This survey is broken up into several parts. The first page is general questions about your library and some general questions about the support of gaming. If you wish to report information about specific gaming programs, then pages 2-6 will allow you to present details of up to five different gaming programs.

This research is being collected by Dr. Scott Nicholson from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. You can learn more about this research at

Please complete this survey by May 31. If you have questions, contact Dr. Nicholson at

Notice of Consent: Participation in the study is voluntary, and submitting the survey indicates consent to allow data about your library’s programs to be published and shared. Any identifying information about you, your library, or your patrons will be kept confidential. This research is being conducted through the Library Game Lab of Syracuse, which is part of the Information Institute at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. The primary investigator is Scott Nicholson, who can be reached at or 315-443-1640. This study has been approved by the Syracuse University Institutional Research Board, who can be reached at 315-443-3013.

* 1. What type of library best describes your library?

* 2. Please provide some additional details about your patron population:

* 3. Some librarians fill out this survey for a single library while others fill out this survey as a summary for a number of library branches.

How many different library branches are represented in this survey?

* 4. As compared to other libraries of your type (public, academic, school, special), how would you classify the size of your library?

* 5. What type of games does your library circulate, if any? (Check all that apply)

* 6. What types of games, if any, are your patrons allowed to play on computers? (Check all that apply)

* 7. Is there an explicit policy in your library about gaming?

* 8. Approximately how many unique users attended gaming programs at your library in 2008? (please give a single number estimate instead of a range)

* 9. Approximately how many programs did you hold in your library in 2008 related to games? (If you had a repeated program, count each offering separately for this question.) (Single number, please)

* 10. One goal of the survey is to create a census of gaming programs done in libraries in 2008. Did your library do a gaming program in 2008 that you are willing to describe?