Welcome to My Survey

Thank you for participating in this one-question survey.  The results will be the basis for an article I'll write about resolving disputes.

Although this is only one question, the meaning of the terms is important.  

Use this definition of "fairness" for this survey: a resolution of a dispute would be "fair" if it gives the parties what they deserve or what would be right in light of the facts of the dispute and the law that governs their actions. It is not a measure of what the parties might need relative to each other. It is not a matter of equal treatment by "splitting the difference" between the two positions, unless that happens to be what the parties would deserve or what would be right in that particular situation.

Of course people often disagree about what would be fair or unfair in any particular dispute.  Don't worry about that.  This question doesn't get into that.

Please answer according to what you really think or feel, and not according to how you think you should answer, or how other people would want you to answer or expect you to answer. Individual answers are confidential and the survey results will be the totals of each of the answer choices from all respondents.

I think the first three possible responses would cover all possibilities, but if none of those responses fits what you think or feel, then choose the "other" option.

If you would like to briefly explain your answer please use the comment box.

The survey will close in 14 days.  

After that, look for my article with the results of the survey and I will discuss how the results can help you deal with someone you are in a dispute with.