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Select the award you wish to make a nomination for in the list below. 

The first four are national awards. 

For award descriptions and criteria please see

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* 2. Name of Nominee

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* 3. Your name and contact email

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Letters of nomination are due by February 1st of each year. 

Send letters to Past President and Awards Chair - 

Letters are confidential and are only seen by members of the Awards Committee. 

The Committe is composed of four to five members. One from each region of the state (N, SW, and SE), the Past President/Awards Chair, and one other member selected by the Committee Chair.  

Committee members must not have submitted a nomination. 

In your letter, describe you nominee to the Awards Committee.  It is helpful to refer to the award criteria in your letter on our website (

For Awards that require more than one letter, please have other letter 
writers submit their letters to you and send all letters at once.

Awards will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

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