1. Background Information

On October 22nd, I will be presenting my annual Commercial Real Estate Market Update and Outlook 2010 to attendees at the WSCAR Education Day 2009 at the Red Lion on 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle. The following questions are designed to get you to think about the topics at the national levels and to help me better understand how they are likely to affect the local market. All responses are held strictly confidential and will be reported on as a group or subgroup rather than individually. The progress bar will tell you how far you have to go and you will be automatically routed to a link that will show you how others responded. If you want to compare your answers, print them out before submitting.

* 1. Which of the following best describes your role with respect to the real estate market?

* 2. Please indicate if you concentrate most of your real estate activity on any of the following market areas.

* 3. We are interested in your experience and career paths. Please indicate the number of years you have been:

(Please respond with number only: 1, 2, 10 etc.)

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