Please provide us with your feedback regarding your bicycling/walking habits to and from Confederation College. Information gathered will assist us to shape future infrastructure improvements at the College.

This Survey will take approximately two minutes of your time to complete.

* 1. Which best describes your relationship to the College?

* 2. Do you currently ride your bicycle to the College? How often (on average during cycling season)?

* 3. How important are the following factors in your decision to bicycle/walk/rollerblade to the College?

  very important somewhat important neutral somewhat not important not important
safe travel routes
secure storage facilities for bicycles
change facilities
shower facilities
bike maintenance area/tools/air

* 4. Would you cycle/walk/rollerblade to the College if adequate facilities were provided?

* 5. If you rode to the College, which building would you prefer to park your bicycle?

* 6. What type of bicycle storage facility would you prefer?

* 7. How do you get to the College if you don't cycle?

* 8. What improvements could the College make that would encourage you to bicycle, walk or rollerblade to school/work?