Your union now offers an income protection policy

A group protection accident and sickness policy protects your wages during sickness or injury when you are unable to work.

Some union members are already covered by income protection schemes that are outlined as a condition in your EBA.
However, not all TWU members have income protection as a condition in their EBA. Which means they need to source their own from an insurer or go without it.

And when you rely on your income for financial commitments like mortgage repayments, or school fees, going without an income can put you into a vulnerable position.

The TWU has been working with our preferred and trusted broker, Coverforce, who handles the majority of the income protection policies in TWU EBAs, to be able to offer union members who don’t already have income protection the option of taking out a policy.

This is basic cover that pays up to 85% of an applicant’s income for a maximum claim of 2 years when accident or sickness prevents you from doing your job.

Depending on the level of your income the TWU policy covers 2 individual price points.

OPTION 1 @ $13.05 per week covers 85% of income up to $1,000
OPTION 2 @ $17.10 per week covers 85% of income up to $1,500
(please note we can only facilitate fortnightly, monthly or yearly billing)
For a maximum benefit of 104 weeks

This policy is available to members who do not already have income protection as a condition in their EAs and Owner-Drivers including couriers, who work for themselves.

This policy would not be a good fit for those who already have income protection as a condition in their EAs. You can find out if your site already has a group policy by clicking here.

If you're interested in taking out income protection with the TWU, please complete the form below and we will contact you in the coming weeks.

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