* 1. GLO #1: Self-Directed Learner: Search for a picture and paste it to Google Docs. Submit the document here!

* 2. GLO #2: Community Contributor: Detail an instance when you helped someone else.

* 3. GLO 3: Complex Thinker: Which letter of the alphabet has the most water? What can make an octopus laugh?

* 4. GLO #4: Quality Producer: 1. Launch Google Docs 2. Type, format and center your name 3. Write a sentence about yourself 4. Submit Document

* 5. GLO #5: Effective Communicator: 1. Launch Google Docs 2. Create a bullet list explaining how to tie a shoelace. 3. Submit the Document

* 6. GLO #6: Effective and Ethical Users of Technology: List three things you must do to protect yourself while using the Computer.