Infobase ( was developed by GCVS as a way to record details of organisations in the community and voluntary sector. It is a detailed directory of Glasgow City organisations.

Subsequently, Glasgow Community Planning Partnership recognised its value of this sort of information in engaging with community and voluntary sector organisations. As a consequence they provided funding to expand the data collection for an additional website Engage, which gives certain eligible organisations password-protected access to more of the data (

The information held on Infobase and Engage helps to inform planning and decision making; promote opportunity for partnership working; and help members of the public contact and find out more about organisations.

As part of our on-going evaluation of the system we would like to assess the suitability of the features we have available for users and whether further training would be required for you to utilise the information better.

We would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete this questionnaire and give us your views on the websites.

You may skip any of the questions if you wish, however, a full response will make the survey easier to analyse and all responses will be confidential with no user directly identified.

We will use this information to inform how we develop the websites further and how we provide information to and about the third sector in Glasgow.

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* 1. Please indicate the area you work in / responding from

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* 2. Have you ever used the Infobase or Engage website?