1. Expanding your organization's visibility amongst Chinese international students

CultureMesh, LLC, a globally-minded start-up, launched in August 2010, can help your organization engage Chinese students before they even arrive or choose a university...

We, at CultureMesh, have built a How-To video website for Chinese students planning to study in the United States. The potential for product placement in these videos is huge, as your university will be the FIRST they see teaching them how U.S. dorms work, how to transfer credits, etc., or your company will be the FIRST business they will see showing them how to get a bank account, buy a car, where to travel, and the list goes on!

Complete the short (8 question) survey below & we will contact you with more information about how your college, university, business, or other organization can engage Chinese students!

* 1. What is the name of the college, university, business, or other organization you represent?

* 2. Below is a sample of topics Chinese students would like to learn before arriving in the U.S.:

"How to avoid plagiarism, how to get involved on campus, how American-style cafeterias work, how to play American football, how to open a bank account, how to purchase health insurance, popular travel destinations, how to buy a used car, how to write a resume, how to order at a drive thru, etc."

Given this list, do you have any ideas or plans for e-learning videos or other advertisements geared toward culturally and linguistically diverse populations? (Ideas are not limited to the sample topics above.)

Do you have any target demographics in mind, other than Chinese students?

(If you wish to engage the Chinese international student market, but are not yet ready to produce content in other languages, we also recommend making an e-learning video in English, which can be broadly applicable to various groups.)

Are you interested in other forms of advertising, such as direct, targeted print advertising in Chinese (or other languages)?

If so, would you target a certain geographic region or segment of the Chinese/international population? (i.e. Chicagoland area, Chinese before arrival in the U.S., Chinese after arrival, undergraduate students, etc.)

Market Demand Survey

Would you be willing to pay (______)? If so, please provide an appropriate price range (this does not obligate you to purchase anything with us; we are simply surveying the potential user-base)

Would you be willing to offer a discount on your product (discounted prices/fares/application fees, for example) for those who view the video?

If so, what would product would most likely be offered at a cheaper rate and what is a reasonable discount?

Education or Business Pages

We are also planning to create business pages for your business or educational institution, much like what is present on other social networks, but with a page for each language that you are advertising in (in addition to English) and with high levels of customization.

Please suggest what content your organization would like to see on these pages.

* 8. Point of Contact:
(Please let us know your name and e-mail. This information is not shared with any outside parties, but only to contact you ONCE with further information.) Thank you!