The Whitman Institute (TWI) is interested in learning about the opportunities, challenges, and barriers that are associated with trust-based approaches in philanthropy. Over the last decade, we have refined our approach to trust-based philanthropy based on feedback from grantees and colleagues in the field. We've identified a number of key pillars of trust-based practice, and we'd love to get your feedback on how these practices show up (or not) in your work, and what you think about them. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes.

* The below represent the key pillars of The Whitman Institute's approach to trust-based philanthropy. Based on your experience, how would you rank the value of these philanthropic practices in supporting the needs of nonprofit organizations today? Please drag and drop to order from 1 (most valuable) to 8 (least valuable).

* Based on your experience, are there behaviors that are not represented in TWI’s model of trust-based philanthropy that you find to be valuable in fostering trust-based relationships?

* Does your organization predominantly: