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Taronga Wildlife Hospital (TWH) is committed to providing training for veterinary students, which is accomplished through our veterinary clinical placement program.

Veterinary clinical placements are for a period of 4 weeks (18 days). Only final year veterinary students are accepted, as basic skills in clinical medicine, surgery and necropsy techniques are a prerequisite. A basic knowledge of non-domestic animal biology and the principles of zoo and wildlife medicine are desirable. Students will be supervised by the veterinarians and may spend time with any of the TWH staff in order to gain the maximum exposure to all aspects of zoo and wildlife medicine.
More information about this program can be found here.
Important Information for Sydney University, Queensland University and James Cook University Students:
If you wish to apply for a placement at Taronga, please contact your university placement co-ordinator. You are NOT required to complete this form.

Sydney University:
Queensland University:
James Cook University:

Question Title

* 1. Student Declaration
In submitting this document I agree:

Confidentiality of Information
All information gained as a student concerning the Taronga's operations, business, intellectual property, financial records, and/or employee information, whether obtained directly or indirectly, is to be regarded as confidential. Such information shall be treated in a strictly professional and confidential manner and not discussed outside the confines of the specific work area, or external to the Taronga. Personal information can be accessed or amended by contacting Taronga. For more information please visit:

Release of Information
As a student, I am not authorised to release information and/or communicate directly with the Office of the Minister for the Environment, government agencies or representatives, the media, and authorities including the Police or other third parties. In all instances, requests to release information and/or discuss issues related to the Taronga are to be directed to your supervisor.

Restrictions on Use of Imagery
Students may not without prior approval from the management of Taronga:
- Seek to sell or derive a profit from any imagery taken at the zoos.
- Commercially exploit the imagery in any way.
- Send or distribute images to any third parties or external agencies.
- Post imagery on networking or other websites (e.g. Facebook).
- Publish images in any way.
- Take photographs or video of any behind-the-scenes work areas of the Zoo.

Criminal Conviction
I am ineligible to apply for, undertake or remain in, child-related placement work if I have been convicted of a serious sex offence as defined by the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 or if I am a Registrable Person under the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000. I declare that I am not a person prohibited by the Act from seeking, undertaking, or remaining in child related employment.

Tuberculosis Clearance
Taronga’s Veterinary and Animal Health Team in consultation with Taronga's Work Health and Safety Officer would like to advise you that working in some areas of the Zoo poses a risk to both animals and humans in the transfer of tuberculosis. Please be advised that the risk of contracting TB is very low. However, you may choose to seek further advice from your health professional. Taronga will require you to have had a TB test within 12 months prior to commencement of your externship.

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