1. Please respond to questions below. Thank you in advance for your time.

Approximate survey time is 5 minutes.

* 1. Child(ren)'s Name

* 2. Please select your child(ren)'s classroom:

* 3. My child(ren) and I feel welcome and are greeted each day we come to Storyland School.

* 4. I feel my child(ren) is/are well cared for, happy, and safe while at school.

* 5. I feel the school curriculum is age appropriate and challenging enough for my child(ren).

* 6. I feel the teachers use proper guidance and disciplinary techniques that are age appropriate and effective.

* 7. I feel I recieve sufficient communication regarding my child(ren) as well as in general school information.

* 8. I would be interested in the following Enrichment Programs:

* 9. Please state what you like best about your child(ren)'s teacher(s)/general staff members, and any areas for improvement you would like to suggest. Please list teacher names as appropriate.

* 10. Please state what you like best about Storyland in general and what changes, additions, or improvements to our program you would like to see.