Pandemonium is looking to add several new events for kids! The events will be taking place after school and during vacation periods throughout the year. Please answer the following questions to help us create successful events that fit your needs.  

Important: Pandemonium is not a daycare facility, and we need to operate these programs according to an open door policy. This means that kids may go in and out of the store as they please. Parents are responsible for limiting how far their children can stray from the store.

* 1. Which of the following days and times are most convenient for your family?

  Least Convenient Less Convenient Meh More Convenient Most Convenient
Occasional Saturday Afternoons (Noon–5pm)
Regular Sunday Afternoons and Evenings (4pm–10pm)
After School (Mon–Fri 2:30pm–5:30pm)
After School (Mon–Fri 3:00pm–5:30pm)
After School (Mon–Fri 3:30pm–5:30pm)
Summer Afternoons (Mon–Fri Noon–5:30pm)

* 2. For weekday events, what is the best day of week for us to host events?

  Worst Day Worse Day Okay Day Good Day Best Day

* 3. What type of events would you and your children be most likely to attend? "Drop-in" events are free of charge and require no pre-registration. "Scheduled" events will usually have an entry fee and do require pre-registration.

* 4. Pandemonium is looking to showcase fun educational and family friendly games at local schools. Would you like us to come do a Family Game Night at your school?

* 5. What age(s) are your kids? Check as many boxes as you need.

* 6. As we develop these programs, we would like to keep in contact with interested parents. If you want to receive periodic updates on new developments in our children's programs and events, please leave your email below.

* 7. Finally, are there any other thoughts or questions you have right now?