Call for TWD 2019 Program Abstracts ("Best Practices")


We encourage each of you to bring a poster regarding innovations in your training and research education programs.  These posters will be displayed at various times throughout the meeting, and will be used to foster conversation among participants.  We ask that the posters, in some form, address the following:
  • Motivation (i.e., what problem you sought to address)
  • Approach (i.e., how you addressed the problem)
  • Outcomes (i.e., what happened, and how have you assessed the effectiveness of your approach)
  • Lessons learned (i.e., what have you learned, both positively and negatively, that can be useful to others trying to do similar work)
We also encourage presenters to focus on issues of sustainability of and dissemination of your educational and training activities.

NOTE:  PIs of T32 supplements funded through the following funding opportunity announcements are expected to present posters:  (PA-15-136; PA-16-133; PA-16-142; PA-16-060; PA-18-756; PA-18-757). 

The submission period is January 25, 2019 - June 14, 2019.  

Beginning June 10, 2019, notifications for accepted abstracts and assignment of presentation poster boards with dates and times will be provided on a rolling basis.  If you have not received information about the status of your submitted abstract by July 5th, please contact Jacquie Roberts at

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