"Turning average Joes into water pros!"

Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association is collecting background information on water usage from residents of Charlottetown for Phase I of our "Water Use Makeover Program".
By completing this survey, it will provide us with important baseline data and determine your eligibility for this program. 

* 1. Please answer the following questions to help us determine whether you qualify for the Water Use Makeover Program.
*Participants must have a water meter. Call Bevan Brothers if you want to schedule your water meter installation*

  Yes No
Do you live in Charlottetown, PE?
Do you own your own house?
Do you plan on moving within the next few years?
Do you have a water meter?

* 2. Please specify the number of people in the appropriate age bracket(s) that live in the household.

* 3. Indicate which category best matches your household income.

* 4. Would you require additional assistance to make changes (i.e. toilet installation, heavy lifting etc.) in your home to reduce water use? (i.e. due to health issues, mobility difficulties, or lack of transportation etc.)

* 5. What eco-friendly household appliances do you already have in your home? (check all that apply)

* 6. Have you participated in any other water conservation programs in Charlottetown, PE (ex. shower head exchange, toilet rebate, low cost rain barrel purchase)?

* 7. If you are interested in participating in the Water Use Makeover Program initiated by the Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association, please provide the following information:

* 8. To qualify for the Water Use Makeover Program, please provide your "Current Usage" and "Your Usage History" information on your water bill from the City of Charlottetown.  
Example of the water bill showing which information to enter:
Example bill

* 9. Please provide any feedback or additional information that you think would be helpful.

* 10. If someone referred you to this program, please enter their name here.