Didymo (Didymosphenia geminata) is causing a host of problems as it invades waters around the world. The entire issue of banning felt is a response to the didymo invasion and in the Eastern US, states are taking aggressive actions to prevent spread. However, in the Northern Rockies, managers consider the alga to be a native species and are not tracking its presence. Boot companies, fly shops, anglers and agencies are all struggling to better understand what didymo is and how we should best respond.

Globally, didymo continues to be a serious problem and scientists around the world are researching various aspects of the threat. On March 12 & 13, 2013 an International Didymo Conference will be held in Providence, RI to bring together researchers, managers and anglers to share their knowledge of the didymo problem.

We are hoping that this conference will be an opportunity to learn the scientific facts about didymo. We need your help - we want to insure that this conference provides as many answers as possible to those who are most impacted by didymo.

Please complete this survey and let us know what you most want to know about didymo. Your responses will help us to make sure we arrange for presentations that provide the best information possible.

The Conference is being hosted by the Invasive Species Action Network and the Northeast Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species with support from our sponsors. If you have questions about this survey or would like to learn how to become more involved in the Conference please contact me at bob@stopans.org

Bob Wiltshire
Executive Director
Invasive Species Action Network

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* 1. Didymo Biology - What is your interest in learning about the following

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral Not Very Interested Not Interested
Does didymo have different impacts in different waters
What conditions encourage nuisance blooms
Are some waters safe from invasion
Can didymo be controlled once it is established
Does didymo impact fish populations
Does didymo impact insect communities

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* 2. Didymo Movement - What is your interest in learning about the following

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral Not Very Interested Not Interested
Where is didymo currently found in the US
Where is didymo currently found around the world
What is the role of anglers in didymo movement
What is the role of birds and wildlife in didymo movement

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* 3. Preventing Didymo Spread - Please tell us your interest in learning about the following

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Neutral Not Very Interested Not Interested
Why is felt a special problem
Do other boot materials present special problems
Are there practical methods to decontaminate boots after use in didymo waters
What are the best practices for anglers to follow to avoid moving didymo
What are manufacturers doing to make their products less likely to move didymo
Should decontamination stations be encouraged
How can we teach anglers to be more concerned about didymo spread

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* 4. Although the primary objective of the Conference is for researchers to share their latest discoveries, we are hoping that a significant number of anglers will attend. Please give us your opinion of the following methods we may use to inform anglers and encourage their participation.

  Very Effective Effective Neutral Ineffective Very Ineffective
Fishing magazines - editorial content
Fishing magazines - advertisements
Fishing Blogs
Fishing organizations (TU, FFF, etc.)
General news sources (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.)
Facebook pages

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* 5. Please tell us anything else about didymo you think should be discussed by anglers, managers and researchers, or any other questions or comments you have.

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* 6. Would You Characterize Yourself As: (Answer Not Required)

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* 7. We will be sending out occasional email updates about the International Didymo Conference. If you would like to receive these updates please provide an email address in the box below.

Thanks For Your Help!

We really want this Conference to help the angling community to better understand didymo and your responses will help us to develop a better program.

Learn more at: www.stopans.org/Didymo_Conference_2013.htm

If you have any questions email bob@stopans.org