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* 1. Indicate which stores placed Merchandise Orders today.

* 2. Which stores received Inventory Department deliveries today.

* 3. What stores were counted today?

* 4. What if any major issues developed today? Include back orders, high rate of returns, missing merchandise or vehicle failure.

* 5. What merchandise has been ordered by the stores but is not in stock at the office? Is the merchandise already on order/ back order? Be sure to include either date of your PO or the PO #.

* 6. Are pre-set stock levels of the following merchandise in the stores and on hand at the office?

* 7. Did the Inventory Department do everything in it's power to satisfy the needs of the stores today?

* 8. When at the stores today what (or who) was noticed that needs improvement?

* 9. What merchandise is at critically low levels and is on order?

* 10. What specific merchandise seems to be selling better than average?