* 1. Iowa is a "green" state. 

* 2. What environmental issue are you most concerned about? (Please limit responses to around 150 words).

* 3. How confident are you that we can reverse global climate change?

* 4. Will you make voting decisions this fall in the general election based on environmental issues?

* 5. Does your community have recycling? 

* 6. What's one thing the government could do to have a positive impact when it comes to the environment? (Please limit responses to around 150 words).

* 7. Do you know someone who is making a positive impact on our environment? Tell us about it. (Please limit responses to around 150 words). 

* 8. If you're making a positive impact, or if you know someone who is, may we contact you? If you're open to talking with us, please share your contact information.