Promoting co-operatives

Thank you for following this link. Your response will inform our national political lobbying and help me to target promotional and lobbying opportunities locally.

Due to the nature of the topic, I will treat responses as that of the individual, unless stated. Please pass this to other members of your co-operative so I can get a more clear picture of political engagement.

* The email is not required but it would be useful to contact you if opportunities arise in your area to promote worker co-operatives.

* Are you expressing your own view or that decided by the whole co-operative?

* Knowledge & engagement with elected representatives

  No idea Aware of them Contacted Contacted more than once Regular contact
Local Councilor
Constituency MP
Nearest Co-operative MP

* Do you think your Co-operative would be prepared to contact or receive a visit from a local elected representative or candidate?

  No With reservations Yes Of course I'm a member!
Conservative Party
Labour Party
Labour & Co-operative Party
Liberal Democrat
Green Party
Plaid Cymru

* Could you please rank in importance the areas you think we should lobby the Government on.

  Not a priority Low priority Med priority Top priority
Increased business & development support for co-operatives
Promoting the co-operative model for the delivery of public services
Promoting Co-operatives as a way to acheive government priorities
Promoting Employee buy-outs as a model for business succession
Reform of Industrial and Provident Society legislation
Introduction of a specific Co-operatives Act

* What other areas not mentioned do you think we should lobby the Government on.