Sponsored by the Indiana State Department of Health Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity 

The OPEN (Online Physical Education Network) workshop is a FREE one-day workshop that will broaden and bolster the instructional capacity of physical activity and education with an in-depth look at the OPEN Source Curriculum Project. This is a professional development workshop for all physical educators, health educators, and before and after school professionals that work with grades K-12. With this, the trainers will provide resources, hands-on activities, and information on inclusive and adapted play. This activity-based training will focus on easy ways to engage students and teach lessons that ensure academic rigor and inspire movement. Each activity is based on the SHAPE America National Standards and Learning Outcomes. Each participant will be provided access to resources and tools to improve the health and well being of their students.
We will be offering TWO *Adapted PE workshops with a primary focus on children with special needs, including information and resources on adapted and inclusive play and THREE General K-12 PE workshops focusing on physical education and physical activity for all youth. 

*Adapted PE Workshop Information: Take an active, in depth look at all things Adapted PE! Participants will learn how to adapt and modify instruction, equipment, and teaching environments to meet the needs of all learners. Explore specific characteristics of various disabilities, program development, student placement, teaching strategies and more. Delve into the free OPEN modules and experience ways to modify your instruction utilizing Universal Design Adaptations embedded within OPEN lesson plans to meet the needs of all learners.

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* 6. Do you have any recommendations for future professional development trainings the Indiana State Department of Health, Division of Physical Activity and Nutrition could provide?

Thank you and we are excited for you to join us! Click here to learn more about OPEN workshops.

*Each workshop can have a maximum of 50 participants. If you must cancel, please inform us no later than ONE WEEK prior to the workshop date.*

If you are interested in attending an Adapted PE workshop as well as a General K-12 PE workshop, please contact: 

Emma Smythe 
Youth Physical Activity Coordinator
Indiana State Department of Health
Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity