* 1. What is your name, email address, and phone number? How did you hear about us?

* 2. What kind of business are you in? What's going on in your business right now that makes learning how to create Crazy GoodTalks™ a priority for you?

* 3. Over the next 12 months what are your top 2 goals for your business?

* 4. How would knowing how to create Crazy Good Talks™ help you reach those goals?

* 5. If you are already speaking to grow your business, what kind of offer do you make to the audience and what is your typical conversion rate?
Examples:, An assessment, a consultation, sign up for your newsletter, buy a product, buy a book, etc.

* 6. On average how much income does one client generate for you?

* 7. Are you currently a paid speaker or interested in becoming a paid speaker? 

* 8. What is your monthly budget for training and coaching?

* 9. Are you willing to devote at least 6 hours per month to develop the skills needed to become a Crazy Good Speaker™

* 10. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 high)-
How ready are you to invest in yourself and your business to learn how to create Crazy Good Talks™?