User Survey

Please take a moment to complete a brief survey about your experience using the curriculum. Your input will help us improve the curriculum and make it more responsive to the needs of practitioners, policymakers, and others like you. All responses are anonymous. Thank you!

* 1. Are you a:

* 2. In what state or U.S. territory do you work?

* 3. When you began the curriculum, were you:

* 4. Did you use the curriculum as an individual on your own or as part of a group?

* 5. If you used the curriculum as part of a group, what was your role?

* 6. If your jurisdiction used the curriculum with a coordinator or facilitator, was the coordinator/facilitator from inside or outside your jurisdiction?

* 7. Did you use the entire curriculum or a portion of the curriculum? If only a portion, please specify which portion/s below.

* 8. On what schedule did you use the curriculum (e.g., one module per week over 10 weeks; all 12 modules over one full week)? Please describe:

* 9. We estimated that for groups, the entire curriculum would take about 32 hours (for group viewing of the Presentations and completion of the Activities Guides) or 24 hours (for group completion of the Activities Guides, with participants viewing the Presentations on their own). If you completed the entire curriculum as part of a group, how accurate do you consider these time estimates?

* 10. Overall, how useful did you find the curriculum?

* 11. Which curriculum components did you find particularly effective?

* 12. What if any additional content would you like to see in the curriculum?

* 13. What if any improvements would you suggest for the curriculum?

* 14. If you coordinated and/or facilitated the use of the curriculum, how useful did you find the "User Guide," "Coordinating the Delivery of the Curriculum," and/or "Facilitating the Delivery of the Curriculum?"

* 15. Please specify any actions that you/your jurisdiction plan/s to take as a result of the curriculum.

* 16. Would you recommend the curriculum to others?

* 17. Please share any other comments on or suggestions for the curriculum:

* 18. May we contact you for more information on your experience with the curriculum? If yes, please include your name and contact information below.