The CAPE Ethical Reflection Tool (CERT) was developed by SIOP’s Committee for the Advancement of Professional Ethics (CAPE) with the goal of helping I-O psychologists to reflect on how they make ethical decisions and improve their ethical decision-making skills.

Completing the CERT takes about 30 minutes and involves:
  1. Answering demographic questions.
  2. Reading and responding to six ethics cases based on incidents reported by I-O psychologists working in practice and academia.
  3. Rating the overall ethicality of each response based on a range of benchmark (i.e., example) responses.
  4. Rating how frequently you used specific behaviors and decision-making strategies.
  5. Reviewing a feedback page with links to additional ethics resources.
  6. Providing feedback to help us improve the tool.
Your responses are anonymous and no identifying information will be collected beyond demographics. The responses you provide may be used in aggregate to help improve future versions of the tool or to disseminate knowledge related to ethics. If you prefer that your data not be used for research purposes, an "opt-out" option is provided on the final page.
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