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The Fairlington Community Association (FCA) would like to learn more about what's most important to you, the Fairlington community, and how we can better serve you.

Please complete our short (under 5 minutes) survey to share your opinions.

In exchange for your time and honest feedback, we're offering respondents who complete the survey a chance to win a gift card to a Shirlington restaurant.

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* 1. The FCA is an all-volunteer organization that represents the concerns of Fairlington to local governments.

The FCA has also organized movie nights, the Santa ride, the farmers' market, and lead a nonprofit organization, Fairlington Cares.

The FCA is NOT related to your condo/homeowner association.

Before today, how familiar were you with the FCA?

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* 2. Do you typically read the All Fairlington Bulletin, the monthly community newsletter published by the FCA and delivered to all Fairlington residents?

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* 3. How do you stay updated on what's happening in Fairlington?

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