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* 1. Please use the following rating system to evaluate each session/activity:

1 - keep session AS IS (make no changes)

2 - keep session but MAKE SOME CHANGES (e.g. topic should be covered but by a different presenter, session should be shorter/longer, want more time for discussion, etc.)

3 - omit / replace session

N/A - did not attend

  1 2 3 N/A
PEDS Mini course: Introduction to Social Pediatrics  (Sandra Braganza)
PEDS Mini course: Social determinants of health (Sandra Braganza)
PEDS Mini course: Neplanon Training
PEDS Mini course: Visit to New Settlement High School
PEDS Mini course: Disparities Symposium (NYU)
State of the Department (Peter Selwyn)
Unwinding (Paul Gross) October 26
Intro to course (O'Connell, Anderson)
Intro to Nutrition Assessment (Karen Becker ) - Part 2
Brief Introduction to Intersectionality (Stephanie Mischell)
La Morada
South Bronx Bus Tour (Elliot Liu)
Walk to Evander Childs / Nutrition survey
Visit to Evander Childs School Clinics (Community Health Worker, Michele St. Louis, Colleen Kelly)
History of Health Insurance in the US (Ollie Fein)
Single payer and Racial Justice in Health Care(Danny Neghassi)
Meaning in Medicine (Ellen Tattelman)
What is Social Medicine? (Anderson)
Introduction to Homelessness (Sandhya Kumar)
Vocabulary for Social Medicine (Sandhya Kumar)
Movie: Power to Heal: Medicare and Desegregation and conversatin with Roona Ray
Health workers in the Resistance (Roona Ray)
Nutrition Assessment Results (Becker)
Narrative medicine (Paul Gross)
Sexual and Gender Minorities - Part 1 Using Language for Empowerment (Susanna Moore and Mischell)
Visit to the Living Room (Andrea Littleton)
Introduction to Social Medicine Orientation - all three tracks (Matt Anderson)
History of Social Medicine at Montefiore (Megan Wolff)
 Sexual and Gender Minorities - Part 2  (Community Participants)
South Bronx Bus Tour (2nd tour, Elliot Liu, Lisa Ortega)
Riker's Island Health Care (Zach Rosner)
Immigration Detention (Laura Quijano)
Agenda Setting (Tanya White Davis, Duggan, Swiderski, Bancroft, Esbitt, Gurley, Kavanoor, Oki, McKenna, Baron)
Lunch with RPSM Staff - Carol Whitaker and staff
Housing Insecurity (Earle Chambers)
Unionization at an FQHC (Roona Ray)
Discussion of issues for Meeting with Steve Safyer 
Undoing Racism Workshop: Day 1
Undoing Racism Workshop: Day 2
FM Grand Rounds: The Trauma of Institutional Racism (Aletha Maybank)
Prison Visit (Riker's only)
Prison Visit (Sing Sing only)
Prison Visit (Bedford Hills only)
Prison Visit debrief (Allison Gurley, Mariya Masyukova)
Undoing Racism Debrief (Tanya White-Davis)
Meeting with Dr. Safyer (Steve Safyer)
Use of Race in Research (Susan Moscou)
Substance abuse (Courtnery Bancroft)
Radical Health  (Ivelyse Andino)
5 Rhythms (Peter Selwyn)
Reproductive Justice Workshop (Marji Gold, Zoey Thill)
Home Visits Intro (Debbie Swiderski)
Home Visits
Home Visit Debrief (Debbie Swiderski)
Buprenorphine Training (Chinazo Cunningham) 
Neonatal Resuscitaion Training
Promoting Primary Care In Medical School - (Ladi Oki, Kristen Williams)
Working for Change in Medical Institutions - (Pablo Joo)
Advanced Primary Care - Iora Grameen Primary Care, Queens (Diana Ramirez)
Service as a Way of Life - Ellen Tattleman
Social Determinants of Health (Mary Duggan, Tanya White-Davis, Hal Strelnick)
Rewinding (Mary Duggan)
Leadership Styles (Victoria Gorski, Conair Guilliames)
SE Asian Mental Health, Cambodian Buddhist Temple
FHC Community Board Meeting (Maria Gbur)
Bronx Community Health Leaders (Juan Robles)
Nursing Activism and Nurses Unions (Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez)

Question Title

* 2. Please explain the rating you gave each session/activity. Be as specific as possible! We want to know what you liked about each session, what improvements you might suggest, and why you would omit/replace certain sessions.