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* 1. Alternative care for refugee and migrant children

* 2. Exploitation of refugee and migrant children

* 3. Good practices of working with refugee and migrant children

* 4. Multi-disciplinary team work

* 5. Early childhood education

* 6. Discussing sexuality with children and young people

* 7. Trafficking of children

* 8. Access to justice for children and young people

* 9. Preventing violence in state care

* 10. Preventing violence in schools

* 11. Coaching, mentoring and supervision of staff

* 12. How to interview children

* 13. Participatory practices for working with children

* 14. Time management for social workers

* 15. Preventing burn-out in child protection professionals

* 16. Dealing with conflict in the workplace

* 17. Communicating about your work efficiently

* 18. Gender issues in child protection

* 19. Using technology to reach out to vulnerable children

* 20. Use of social media in professional communication

* 21. Would you like to recommend a speaker for a webinar? Please recommend a person or an organization (with contact details if you have), and we will do our best to arrange a webinar with them.

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