* 1. Do you have specific dreams (visions, plans, goals) for your life?

* 2. The dreams (goals, desires, vision) that I have for my life are primarily

* 3. Consider your biggest/most important dream. How achievable is it?

* 4. When do you think you will achieve your dream?

* 5. Do you ever think, plan, or prepare for your dream? If so, how?

* 6. How much of your time and energy is devoted to achieving your dream?

* 7. The top three things holding me back from achieving my dream right now are ...

* 8. Have you ever done something that has seriously hurt your chances of fulfilling your dream?

* 9. Imagine you were given the opportunity to achieve your dream tomorrow. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being totally prepared) how ready would you feel?