Application Housekeeping Notes

Dear NAHC Member:

Thank you for your interest in applying to participate in the NAHC Mentoring Program.  Whether you want to be a mentee looking to develop your professional skills or apply to be a mentor to give back to the community -- the NAHC mentoring program may be the right option for you.

Step 1: Before Starting the Application - Personality Assessment:
Please visit the True Colours Personality Assessment.  This free assessment should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Come to the application with your color in mind.

Step 2: Completing your application:

As submit your application, please keep the following in mind:

1. Please ensure that you provide full, complete, and thoughtful responses to each question.  We use your responses to assist in the pairing process. Thorough answers are greatly appreciated.

2. Please complete your application.  We will try to remind an applicant to provide responses to their application, however, an application deemed to be incomplete or lacking may not be accepted into the program.