1. Comprehensive Exam Information

This webpage is for you to enter the information about your comprehensive exam. It will help us to know what your plans are so that we can help you fly over this hurdle.

Remember that your supervisor will Chair your comps. Your committee will have 1 member from your supervisory committee (must be a MiNDS Faculty member) and 2 other faculty from the MiNDS program. ***Please await approvalĀ prior to beginning your comprehensives.***

Talk to your committee. Talk frequently to your committee members. Talk to them when selecting the topic. Talk to them when you are planning the readings, specific aims, proposed experiments etc. Be sure to take advantage of your committee to learn from them.

It is OK, in fact its encouraged, for you to get feedback from your committee about your grant proposal. Hey this is how we write grant proposals. We write stuff and then give it to a colleague or collaborator for feedback.

The timeframe for the comps is about 2 months start to finish.

The format of the comp exam is a written Banting postdoctoral grant proposal and oral defenceĀ (15 - 20 minutes presentation followed by questions) .

The goal of the comps is for you to demonstrate your expertise at identifying an important research question in Neuroscience, presenting specific aims to address the question, designing experiments and hypotheses that are creative/innovative approaches that challenge the aims.

Let me know if you have more questions/comments. I'll keep this information updated here.

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* Grant Proposal Title

* Write a brief description of your proposal (100 words or less)

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Start date of comprehensives
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