1. TLA Winter 2010 Closing Survey

* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Position: (select all that apply)

* 3. What have you gained from your participation in TLA this quarter? Has this gain changed your teaching-learning practices? Please explain.

* 4. Do you have any suggestion(s) for something to change/add/delete for next quarter? How do you think this change would help TLA?

* 5. What specific ideas/projects from this quarter's dialogue would you most like to see advanced next quarter? How come?

* 6. We rely on your recommendations. Do you have any colleagues to recommend for participation in the TLA? If so, please give their name and department or e-mail address.

* 7. Will you be participating in TLA next quarter?

* 8. TLA ACADEMY AWARDS: Every year, members of the TLA nominate individuals and groups who embody one or more of the features of the BIG question we have been studying all year.

This year we wish to recognize individuals and groups who work to sustain a reflective learning culture at WWU - who bridge disconnects such as between individuals & resources, between the curricular and co-curricular, across borders within WWU or between WWU and the wider community.

Our goal is to recognize widely, so everyone who is nominated with a rationale statement (based on the TLA big question) receives an award.

Which individuals or groups (inside OR outside of the TLA) would you nominate to receive an academy award?

Please include the name of the individual or the name of a contact person for the group, e-mail address AND a short rationale why they should receive an award. Nominations without an appropriate rationale will not be accepted. Note: Rationale statements will be printed on the back of the award certificates.