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We would like to ask you some questions about how you use Musculoskeletal Services and your views on developing them for the future.

A range of services designed to assess and treat MSK conditions are commissioned jointly by Southend and Castle Point & Rochford Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The contract for the delivery of MSK Triage, Assessment, Acute interventions and certain Community services is held by Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust.

The CCGs needs to look at the current demand for planned musculoskeletal services and consider ways of developing the service, in order to commission an improved, affordable, service that delivers quality and efficient care for patients. This project does not include patients who need musculoskeletal services after a trauma event.

Services within the Musculoskeletal Integrated Pathway Project include:

·       Assessment and Triage

·       Orthopaedics

·       Rheumatology

·       Orthotics

·       Acute Physiotherapy

·       Rehab Physiotherapy

We are seeking your views to identify opportunities to ensure that musculoskeletal services offer patients the right care at the right time.

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* 1. Do you feel you  have been seen by the right person at the right time?

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* 2. Do you feel you  have been listened to and adequately supported throughout your care as an MSK patient?

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* 3. Have you experienced any difficulties in arranging or getting to your appointments?

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* 4. Do you feel you were given enough choice about where you were seen?

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* 5. Do you feel you have been seen and treated in a timely manner?

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* 6. Do you feel that your condition was dealt with by all clinicians in an appropriate manner and that you were kept informed of what was happening and why?

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* 7. If you have any further comments about developing musculoskeletal services, please include them here.

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