* 1. Please state your name and high school

* 2. What are your plans after graduation?

* 3. What colleges did you apply to? (List all, separate by comma)

* 4. What colleges were you admitted to? (List all, separate by comma)

* 5. What college to you plan on attending and why? (Ex. Because it was my top choice/because of the financial aid they are offering/because it’s close to home/etc.)

* 6. Please list the following in your financial aid package: (If none to any then put "none")

* 7. When did you pass the CAHSEE? And what were your scores?

* 8. What were your SAT scores (for each section) and ACT scores? (If never taken type never taken" as your response.)

* 9. What are your future plans? (Like in 5 years)

* 10. What is your shirt size (for a baseball T)