Dear Members,

The Best Practice Board actively manages the production, dissemination and continual improvement of work products that describe methods and processes for successful development, implementation, integration, maintenance and usage of XBRL specifications. As part of this remit, the Taxonomy Architecture Guidance Task Force (TAGTF) has produced the first version of the XBRL Taxonomy Guidance Document (XTGD). The XTGD presents analysis of existing taxonomy architectures and provides objective guidance for taxonomy authors and owners on specific topics.

Also, the TAGTF has created and published a pipeline of topics based on community surveys, creating an easy route for members to get involved. Your involvement can be short and focused on a particular topic and the TAGTF will help to bring your contribution through peer review to be published as official XII guidance. By getting involved, you take the opportunity to help improve taxonomy architecture and the application of XBRL worldwide.

If you would like to contribute your expertise, please look at the pipeline and register your interest via this survey.


Ben Russell, TAGTF Chair