Claremont Downtown Arts Center

The Claremont Downtown Arts Center will be located in the heart of downtown Claremont and offer live performances, arts education, and venue rental. The building will feature a music department with workshops and private lessons, rehearsal and practice rooms, regular live performances across popular and classical genres, and recording space. The art department will offer regular workshops, open art studio space, gallery display space and shop featuring artists and makers from around the region, and a few private art studio rentals. The Culinary Department will have commercial kitchen rentals, culinary workshops, and the option to test your restaurant concept by renting the venue for a Pop-up restaurant. The facility will have rental packages for individuals and businesses for special events in the main performance venue, meeting rooms, and coworking space with amenities.

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to help shape this new creative space! Keep up with progress and current programs at

* 1. What is your first reaction to the services and space that will be available at a Downtown Arts Center? (Music School, Practice Rooms, Art Classes, Art Studio and Shop, Commercial Kitchen Rental, Creative Business tools, and Co-working space)

* 2. Which services would you use if they were available at the Downtown Arts Center? (choose all that apply)

* 3. Are you or someone in your immediate family interested in taking music lessons?

* 4. What kind of art classes or workshops would you be interested in taking? (check all that apply)

* 5. What organizations have you attended an art or music event at in the last year? (check all that apply)

* 6. Which of the following would you use for your business or creative uses? (select all that apply)

* 7. How would you rate the value for money of usage packages at the Claremont Downtown Arts Center from the previous question?

* 8. How important is access to arts, music, and/or cultural activities to your quality of life?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 9. In your own words, what are the things that you like most about this Claremont Downtown Arts Center concept? Do you have thoughts on what the facility could offer that you would like to share?

* 10. Please consider participating further in planning of the Claremont Downtown Arts Space. Any information you share with us will ONLY be used for the purposes listed in the question.