For the past five years, Teach to Lead has promoted a national conversation on teacher leadership by supporting teachers to turn their leadership ideas into action. In cooperation with over 174 supporting organizations, the U.S. Department of Education, ASCD, and Teach Plus have partnered to develop Teach to Lead into a movement to equip teachers to lead from their classroom and enact positive change in teaching and learning.

We are pleased to announce that Teach to Lead will host our 18th Teacher Leadership Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, September 19-21, 2019. This topical summit will bring teacher leaders and other stakeholders together to incubate ideas and specifically work to address the needs of the Whole Child and Whole Teacher in an effort to transition from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to one that promotes the long-term development and success of all children, as well as the well-being of all teachers. Teams must include at least one practicing classroom teacher.  
Each idea should reflect a need that addresses students’ and/or teachers' health, safety, learning, support in and out of school, and access to engaging and challenging opportunities. Examples of project topic ideas might include:

Healthy: homelessness, hunger, student and teacher well-being and mental health
Safe: school safety, bullying and harassment
Engaged: cultural diversity, student identity, school culture and climate, professional networking
Supported: supports for a diverse teacher workforce, coaching and peer mentoring, adult-student relationships, community partnerships, language services and supports
Challenged: access to challenging coursework or professional development, access to extracurricular opportunities, etc.

How do participants benefit from the Summit?
  • Receive time and space to collaborate and guidance through a structured process to ready ideas for action;
  • Obtain the support and expertise of a dedicated “critical friend” from the broader #TTLNetwork of alumni and organizations to help advance the proposed work;
  • Build relationships with ASCD, Teach Plus, and U.S. Department of Education, and many other supporting organizations;
  • Be provided with free registration and hotel accommodations for two nights or parking (hotel will be provided free of charge for teams traveling more than 50 miles; parking will be provided for teams traveling 50 miles or fewer to the summit).